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Welcome to the FAQ page for the NetBeans installer! Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the NetBeans installer.

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What's Needed for a Bug Report?

  • Q: What information is needed for a successful bug report?
  • A: The following information will help engineers investigate the problem you have encountered:
    • File an issue through Issuezilla for the nbi component, version 1.0.
    • Provide a description of what happened from the user's perspective.
    • Describe the initial state of the target system (what components were installed).
    • List the actions you have performed (list of components selected for installation, list of components selected for uninstallation, etc.)
    • Is the bug reproducible in one installer session or it is required to run several sessions? (In the latter case provide item #3 data for each session)
    • Attach log files for each session (usually located at ~/.nbi/log/.log).
    • Attach the local product registry file (usually located at ~/.nbi/registry.xml).

How Can I Upgrade Components Using the NetBeans Installer?

  • Q: How can I upgrade (add) components to my installations? For example, I want to add another component that I have not downloaded for the first time.
  • A: Go to the Download page for the NetBeans installer and create a bundle with this component. When you run the downloaded bundle, the installer detects the components that are already installed on your system. Thus, you can choose to install exactly the component you want.

How Can I Clean Up the System from Previous Installations?

  • Q: How can I clean up my system from previous NetBeans installer installations?
  • A: Delete the following data:
    • Delete the ~/.nbi directory (%USERPROFILE%\.nbi on Windows).
    • Delete the installation directories of the components you have installed.
    • On the Windows platform, delete all nbi* registry entries from the following registry keys:

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